Sunday, December 04, 2011

An early christmas present.

I usually write a festive horror story, weird as it seems this time of year indexs more ghost stories and chilling narratives than least on the telly anyway.

So here is a little something I wrote about three or four years back not so much about ghosts but it has been written to haunt.

...and it's called...

Christmas Letters

The box was dusty and kept locked with a small brass key that was secreted under the chipped porcelain clock ornament of a blue stallion,He unlocked the box and open the lid to once again read the letters inside:

Dear Father Christmas

Hello I hope you are well,I am Madeline Tulsa and I am looking forward to Christmas very much,Mummy and Daddy are very happy now that we have all move into the new house and I can't wait for you to is my list:

A new Sindy doll with a Hair Salon
Pink,red and Peach nail varnish
A Little Miss Sunshine Mr. Men book
A big pink hair brush
A my little Pony show stable play set
Sweets (lots I love chocolate so mostly that)

Mummy said to make my list shorter as it was too big and Daddy would have enough money to send you for all the presents I asked for and that makes him go angry.

I am 7


I love you xxxx

Dear Father Christmas

Thank you for all the brilliant presents you got me last year I hope you liked the sherry me and mummy left for you too. I am not allowed to leave any out this year as mummy said Daddy came back singing and wouldn't stop and that she thinks leaving out the sherry would make him more naughty.
I think we all will have a good Christmas this year as Mummy and Daddy are happy again now and not arguing over anything....Daddy even said he loved me lot's.

Here is my List:

A paint brush with lots of paints...and I mean lot's of colours
Some plain paper
A cabbage Patch doll....pleeeasse
Some Crayons
A pirates costume...don't let my brother get one
Thank you Father Christmas Love Jenny xxxx....I am 8.

Dear Father Christmas

I am feeling very sad as Mummy and Daddy are not with each other any more,Mummy said it was because Daddy kept coming home signing all the time.
Daddy used to smell really bad too really strong like the sherry I left out for you one Christmas,Mummy said we leave you some again this year as Daddy wouldn't be at home for Christmas.
I feel sad not to see my daddy but mum said he will take me to his new house on boxing day and that you will leave some presents their for me,I hope daddy sent you his address as I would cry if you missed the house.

Mummy said to make my list short this year as there isn't much money to send you this year,but that's okay I just want mummy to stop crying all the time:

A Lights Alive
Kerplunk game
Some chocolate money
A Bunty Annual

Thanks Father Christmas

Love Madeline xxx

Dear Father Christmas

I hope you are well,I didn't like going to Dads house last year as he only gave me ten pounds and he said he sent me money and not a present but I know he was fibbing as you don't give children just money.

It made me really sad.

Mummy was scared earlier today when a man came to the door dressed like you,but I knew it wasn't you as he looked sick and kept shouting.
He smelled really horrible too,just like Daddy used to and he kept banging on the window when Mummy would let him in.
He had a sack like you but it wasn't full of nicely wrapped present but it was all sticky and damp and dripping it made me scared just like mummy.

She called the police and he came and took him away.

I am writing this letter from a big house full of other children the police had to talk to my mummy after the man who pretended to be you come banging on our door.
I hope to see Mummy soon,the nice lady Wendy who looks after me and some other children told me I could write this letter and list all the things I wanted...but I don't want things I only want one thing and I have it on my list:


I know That if anyone can get my mummy back it's you Father Christmas and I love you and I don't care what all the horrible boys say here I believe in you even if they say you are fake.

Love from Madeline xxx

Dear Father Christmas

It has been about six years since I was allowed to send you a letter again because the people who looked after me blamed me for the big house setting alight.
It wasn't me I swear I am a very good girl but they wouldn't let me see mummy and when I said you sent her to me they still didn't let me. I am sure they were hiding her from me and I got really,really angry.

They people who run the new place I am in told me soon I will have to live by myself and will have to behave and control myself so they let me write you another letter as a sign of good faith.
I don't know what to ask for as I Mummy died last year and Daddy is in prison but below is what I would wish for:

Come and celebrate Christmas day with me.

You can even bring your wife I don't mind I don't know what I will do if you don't show up on Christmas day as I get really angry when you don't give me what is on my list.
However I still believe in you even if nobody else does and I still love you,just don't let me down again.

Love Madeline.

Bob finished reading the letters and tucked them back inside the box,he often read them this time of year they were a keep sake from when he used to be a cleaner at the high rise business block in Lapland.
A company headquaterd in London that had long since gone out of business they used to get letters addressed to them from children who thought it was Father Christmas's address and in return the company would send a small gift pack out to the address' of the parents who had subscribed a small payment to the company each year.

The trouble was the company still had mail coming years after their collapse.

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