Monday, September 26, 2011

Still Alive.

That's right I am still alive and writing and putting things in place so that the future will be much more productive than the present.

The character piece Bull is now to be accompanied by severel other peices each telling a short tales from a certain characters perspective. The next named The Duty is being written right now and one I will put up here.

Each character will tell a story of their perspective of their role and view in a post nuclear Britian, it will flesh out a post-nuclear land and each perspective peice will be glued togther by three short storys.

I am hoping to create something three dimensonal in this sense and all this while working on Butchers Dozen.

With a lot of effort and soem time there will be a lot of work to show you and a reward for continuing to read this blog even when nothing much seems to be going on.

Cheers :)