Thursday, January 27, 2011

Current work.

I have had quite a hell of a time looking for gainful employment and comming back with nothing, all else has fell by the way side due to that.

However I got back to my writing by forcing myself away from distractions like reviews, I think it's a matter of not biting off more than you can chew.

In recent times I have completed these short tales:

Deparment 7734
Red Needle (working title)

All of which will be seeking homes in order to see print and I am currently in the middle of working ona story called Soil Ghoul (working title).
I think I am making this one a little more complex than need be, but at the present moment I just want to get it done.

I am always at a stage where I need to find new publications to write for, BHF Book of Horror seems to have stopped publishing and book Three may never come out at this rate. Filthy Creations is dependent on the hard working but busy Rog and Black Books is full up for the next couple of months.

So I am off to hunt down the mall presses ;)